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Total Asset Recovery Services LLC (or TARS) uses a team of experienced and highly trained professionals, utilizing powerful database and investigative search tools, to locate assets that have been lost or previously deemed unrecoverable by individuals and/or businesses. Our search/investigative tools and techniques have been honed over many years of experience in the judgment enforcement and collection areas, and now we are putting those tools to work for creditors and owners of lost assets. Specifically, we assist in the recovery of assets where the owners have either lost touch with their property, never claimed properties that were left to them in an estate, or whom should have taken control over certain property after a corporate reorganization or disposition but failed to do so.

Once TARS locates an asset that has not been claimed by its rightful owner, we reunite that owner or creditor with their rightful property. We do not contact anyone until we have already found lost or previously unredeemed property, therefore, if you hear from a representative of the company an item of property that you or your company can rightfully claim has been identified by our team. We then help you to claim those assets by undertaking the relevant procedures or applicable processes to recover those particular assets. Once a recovery of such asset(s) are made you will receive a check for the amount of such asset(s) minus our collection fee, in no instance is there any pre-payment to TARS unless and until those asset(s) are recovered.

Once contacted by TARS a typical claim process usually takes several weeks to complete, and in most cases will require minimal time by individuals and/or corporate employees or officers. During that period representatives of TARS will complete all the necessary documentation and contact all the appropriate parties on your behalf to recover the assets that rightfully belong to you.

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